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    JOHN J. KORESKO, V, et al.
    JEFF BLEIWEIS, et al.
    : NO. 04-CV-769
    Kauffman, J. September 27, 2005
    Plaintiffs John Koresko, V (“Koresko”) and Pennmont Benefit Services, Inc.
    (“PennMont”) (collectively, “Plaintiffs”) bring this action for interference with present and
    prospective business and contractual relationships (Count One), misappropriation of trade secrets
    (Count Two), commercial disparagement (Count Four), and civil conspiracy (Count Five) against
    Defendants Jeff Bleiweis (“Bleiweis”), Raymond Ankner (“Ankner”), CJA and Associates
    (“CJA”), and the Travelers Life and Annuity Company (“Travelers”).1
    Now before the Court is
    the Motion to Dismiss of Bleiweis, Ankner and CJA (the “CJA Defendants”) for lack of personal
    jurisdictialso allege that CJA has incorporated the information Travelers gathered from
    its meetings with Koresko into its own products, and that CJA is marketing those products
    nationally, including in Pennsylvania. Id. at ¶ 42, 52-53. As proof of CJA’s marketing activity
    in Pennsylvania, Plaintiffs recount CJA’s attempt to sell its defined benefit progra

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    Reportable Transactions & 419 Plans Litigation
    412i, 419e plans litigation and IRS Audit Experts for abusive insurance based plans deemed reportable or listed transactions by the IRS.

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012
    419 Plans If they have cash value life insurance in them they are abusive

    IRS Makes Taxpayers Aware of Many Scams That Will Get Them in Trouble
    Published in | January 19
    By Lance Wallach

    “Taxpayers should be wary of scams to avoid paying taxes that seem too good to be true, especially during these challenging economic times,” IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said. “There is no secret trick that can eliminate a person’s tax obligations. People should be wary of anyone peddling any of these scams.”
    Tax schemes are illegal and can lead to problems for both scam artists and taxpayers who risk significant penalties, interest and possible criminal prosecution.
    The IRS urges taxpayers to avoid these common schemes.
    Abusive Retirement Plans
    The IRS continues to uncover abuses in retirement plan arrangements, including Roth Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs). The IRS is looking for transactions that taxpayers are using to avoid the limitations on contributions to IRAs as well as transactions that are not properly reported as early distributions. Taxpayers should be wary of advisers who encourage them to shift appreciated assets into IRAs or companies owned by their IRAs at less than fair market value to circumvent annual contribution limits. Other variations have included the use of limited liability companies to engage in activity that is considered prohibited.
    419 Plans
    If they have cash value life insurance in them they are abusive. Some of the plans like Nova, run by Benistar can also be criminal. For more on 419 plans visit
    412i Plans
    Such plans can be abusive with cash value life insurance. For more information visit or
    Captive Insurance Plans
    These were listed transactions and then taken off the list. IRS still looks closely at them. They are usually sold by life insurance agents.
    Section 79 plans
    IRS is looking very closely at section 79 plans. They are usually sold by life insurance agents.
    Hiding Income Offshore